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Fumigation Services in Faridabad and Delhi NCR

In keeping with providing all types of pest management solutions, Pest Control Agency offers a variety of fumigation and disinfection services in faridabad to our clients. We are the Registered Fumigation Service Agency in Faridabad with the Accredited Fumigation Operator in India.

Pest Control Agency in faridabad is an approved treatment method extensively used for controlling pest infestation in wood packing material (WPM) in many countries. Methyl Bromide fumigation is considered as the most appropriate treatment method in eradication of pest infestation in wood product.

Pest Control Agency in Faridabad provides quarantine and pre-shipment fumigation service of export commodities in bulk, liner, chartered vessels and sea-going containers at all ports and Inland Container Depots (ICD’s). PCA also provides fumigation solutions for warehouses and other facilities. In keeping with providing all types of pest management solutions, fumigation services of PCA in faridabad provides a range of fumigation and disinfection services, products to our clients:

  • Commodity Fumigation
  • Container Fumigation
  • Shipping Fumigation
  • Shipping Fumigation
  • Silo Fumigation

We are providing Fumigation Services for all Commercial and Industrial spaces. Silo fumigation is a highly specialized treatment in which grain stored in a silo is fumigated by use of phosphine. We also offer services for sealing a silo to render it gas-tight and fit for fumigation.

Fumigation can also be used to get rid of pests in containers, silos and from products shipped in from other countries.

    Some of the pests that may require fumigation include:
  • Termites
  • Fleas
  • Ticks
  • Bed bugs
    We are providing all fumigation services in faridabad like:
  • Methyl Bromide Fumigation
  • Wooden packaging material
  • pre-shipment fumigation of export commodities
  • chartered vessels
  • sea-going containers
  • fumigation solutions for warehouses

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